Ascending or Descending Auto unique IDS/Display Names

When you select multiple elements you can then set properties like the ID for all of them in one go using the dialog sheet prompt that slides down to either use duplicate IDs or Use unique IDS.

One problem is if you have all your elements already named sequentially and in the layer order you need them.

I find normally the lower numbers are at the bottom of the list order mostly due to adding new elements on the go to the top.

So when using the above method to add ids or even the display names, the unique number is always lower number Top down. Which is generally contra with the order in the list.

So would it be possible to add a check box or some such mechanism to the dialog sheet to be either Ascending or Descending.


Thanks for the request. This is implemented for the next v4 beta build.

(I typically wouldn’t include a feature that is a “nice to have” this late in the release cycle, but given all your amazing contributions to the forums I did want to do something nice for ya :wink:.)


Wow, that is brilliant and very appreciated.:smiley:
Thank you. :+1: