Artwork Digitization Project

Hey folks! One of my friends is studying curation and working on a project involving digital versions of physical art. She's looking for help in digitizing a few specific pieces.

I thought this one would probably be possible to recreate in Hype, so I wanted to toss out the opportunity to this community.

Christy Chan’s Ask Your Elder

This is a physical sculpture, and we need to create a digital website version. We'll be taking video footage of the installed work, and have a set of audio clips that play at random. The experience is like a Magic 8-Ball or carnival fortune teller machine where you receive advice after asking questions or clicking.

You'd be working directly with the artist. There probably wouldn't be much pay, but it may be a fun experience/hobby/side-project. (Also Hype isn't specifically required if you find it ends up not being the best way to go about doing it!).

Please DM me if you're interested and I can connect you and get more details.

The link seems to be broken

Hmm... works for me... maybe a temporary thing? Can you see it now?

Hy Jonathan!

If you and your friend are still interested, I`d love to help.
I just made wonderful pics and gifs of a BANKSY-Exhibition in Basel...

Since THE BIG CRISIS I am maybe one of the most excited and thrilled HypeUsers ever and THANKS&
CONGRATULATIONS to this piece of most wonderful tech!!!
Gives me more than I ever could have thought of!


Greetings from Switzerland

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Thanks Andreas! I'll follow up with them and if they are still looking then will put you in contact via the email address you used on the forums.

Thanks Jonathan

So cool to hear of you!

I am just blown away from your HYPE!

Now that I have the chance I just like to thank you personally!

and I’d love to give somehow something back for the precious tool I got and for being able to do MAGIC so easily by myself!!!

I am producing a English - German program - and WOW!!!
I thought I’d never be able to pay for it and even could do it by myself…

BUT with your HYPE I feel like a GOD, haha…!

Sunshine from Basel

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That's great to hear! If you are able to share, we'd love to see what you've made (there's a share your work section in the forums).