Arrow keys for value input fields?

Hi all,

Hype doesn’t seem to recognize keyboard inputs like UP and DOWN (keys) as well as SHIFT + UP, SHIFT + DOWN (to jump 10 pixels).

My fault or is it not implemented?

Thanx for info.

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+1 as this is a long-standing request

I think this is a similar case – I’m trying to make different keypresses trigger jumps to different scenes, so pressing “1” takes you to “Ending 1”, pressing “2” takes you to “Ending 2” and so on. That’s not currently possible, yet, correct?

In the Scene Inspector, you can use the On Key Down event. You will need to run JavaScript that checks the event element; for example if you wanted to see if shift-up was pressed you would do a test like:

if(event.shiftKey == true && event.keyCode == 38) {
    // .. do stuff

Make a specific note that the On Key Press will NOT work for these special/modifier keys. If you want to capture non printable characters, you must use On Key Down. (This is just a factor of how HTML events work and not a Hype decision).

@trueschool: Not really. I meant the regular UX of Hype doesn’t provide that offer. It’s usually easier to work pixel perfect by jumping pixels with the arrow keys in the keyboard. That is what I am looking for.

Hype editor does allow you to use the arrow keys for element manipulation, and the shift arrow keys for moving ± 10px. A full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found here:

The most likely cases of why this would not be working could be:

  • You need to first click onto an element the scene editor to give it focus
  • The element might be locked

If it is not one of those issues, then perhaps you have some sort of keyboard configuration where it is not being recognized properly? What (physical) keyboard and (software) keyboard layout are you using?

If this is about moving elements on the stage… I am still struggling with the shortcut and workflow to change the focus from the timeline to the stage after selecting an element in highly stacked layouts. But at least it is possible! :metal:

If this request is about moving objects on the scene then I misplaced my +1. If it is about using the arrow keys in number inputs … then I keep my up vote in here …