Archer Editor Pro + Hype (Pro)?

Hello Hype community,

I’ve been researching some additional tools to use with Hype and discovered Archer Editor Pro appears to be my best in class choice for a plausible GUI IDE.

Has anyone attempted to use it with Hype and did you realize any short comings?

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did a short test moving their elevator example within a hypedocument.
so it works…

you can use their provided API within hype.

no preview in hypes editor.


To bad native SVG is still missing from Hype. Just saw this is a Germany based tool. Seams interesting to bridge the gap left in Hype (for now). As much as I appreciate the possible upcoming vector tool in Hype adding native SVG makes for me more sense. It comes down to users that use Hype for full on creation or rather assembly. I fall into the later and use tools like XD, Photoshop and Illustrator for creation. Then I use Hype to assemble things or I have clients delivering these resources.

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I have still a very vague idea of XD capabilities, have recently watched a couple of Creative Cloud promos about this tool, but they didn’t tell whether it is possible to import interactions and animations from XD to Hype?

Would be awesome to see some kind of an integration.

105 KB on top for the library would not be less …


This is exactly the way I use Hype. As an assembly platform. The user interface is too difficult for design. I use XD, Affinity Designer and Pixelmator Pro for serious design.

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Sorry, not possible.

But connecting XD could be done as you can decompile the restore file .Plist using

plutil -convert xml1 YOURFILENAME.plist

This results in a human readable file. Writing a XD plugin you could probably create such a file and Hype actually imports the XML version of PLIST as much as the binary encoded one. So it could be a opening to create a bridge. Given time and a willing attitude…

Such a workaround wouldn’t work for SVG as this needs to be implemented in the GUI and the placements would have to be native rather then as background elements as it’s currently done in Hype.

Food for thought.

Yes, but something is wrong if you have to start programming when your aim is to design.

If XD could publish to html, I’d stick to that software. I thing Hype needs a modern user interface. Maybe coming in version 4, but they seem to be far away releasing it. They have been weaving for a couple of years now.

I must disagree with you on this one. I am very much a fan of Hype. I think the interface is modern enough and I appreciate it being closer to the browser then Photoshop or XD.

That said I also like XD for it’s core mission and potential and ease of design on a big art board. With symbols and auto animation it is now branching out into spaces usually reserved for high fidelity prototypes.

In this sense the two tools come from opposite sides of the spectrum. One offers great customization, granular animation and allows for programming etc. the other comes from fast prototyping and slowly starts adding more complex features while offering limited settings on them (for the better or worse).

Given that easy is very appealing and XD already has a plugin architecture in place, has this massive capital behind it and is basically free … it is certainly picking up momentum. We will see what kind of tools will prevail. For now XD isn’t reaching production ready output so you always need an intermediary to deploy.

That said the plugins allow for exporters and if I am not mistaken you can use some of them to get your requested basic HTML export, already. Maybe enough for your demands… but currently not for mine. So maybe it’s the right tool for you all along.

I am sticking to Hype.

PS: The right Tool for the Job should apply. I don’t use Hype for full websites. I use it for widgets and sections on websites. I use it for ads and for kiosk and web apps.

Hello, MaxZieb!

I thank you for your comments!

I am sure we will be able to agree on most points regarding Hype (and XD)!

I also a great fan of Hype. My only real problem is the scene. When you design it feels very small and you have to go down as far as 10 or 25% ti see everything. XD is excellent there and I wish the Hype team could do something about that… Do you have the same feeling.

Like you, I think the basic HTML export possibilities in XD do not meet my demands and probably not that of most others either…

Greetings, Helge.

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Hello Helge,

Coming back to the topic of this thread. Hype allows to embed stuff like Archer output and that is great (still missing preview in the IDE). Okay the library seams to add around 100 KB … autsch. Having Hype animate SVG Nodes would be much more efficient as it already has a basic animation engine.

About then size of the „stage“ I do agree but we have a timeline panel at the bottom. Using the stage as a zoomable scene selector (Art board) further reduces the size of the GUI in XD. This can be called modern. I use Hype on a MacBook 13“ when programming on the go but when I design/layout stuff I mostly use a iMac 27“ so I don’t have a space issue given the 5K display.

Best regards

Thanks for sharing. :thinking: