Apply easing to Image sprite is there a workaround?

I was wondering if theres a workaround to getting the easing effect on a image sprite? Since it doesn’t work now granted, I wanted to see what I can do to simulate an Ease In Out Quint.

Sure. You can just use an ease of an element property (custom easing) to control a timeline. But this would indeed be a great feature request. @MarkHunte and myself made some examples on using custom easing to control values.

Apart of that idea you can always use pure code :wink:

Ok can you please share those examples?

Using the easing function actually overrides the regular easing so you would have to always resort to math equasions. Not ideal so here is an approach using RequestAnimation frame… and the custom knobs from this thread: (297,8 KB)

As in control the rate at which frames are individually shown? There’s no way to do this - it is linear.