Apply Changes To All Scenes - Why Does it Block The Animation?


Why is it when you check off “Apply changes to all Scenes” that the animation won’t show up on your site?

In my working example I have one scene and when I check this parameter off and export, nothing appears in the site. Why does this happen? Will it work if you have multiple scenes? I must understand the cause because it took me hours to narrow it down to this parameter.

Much thanks.

Providing your Hype project file on the Forum would be helpful in tracking down the problem.

Hey Jim,

It’s not a problem I got it fixed. I tracked it down to that parameter. All is well. I was just wondering why “Apply Changes to all Scenes” was the cause of the problem. Are you thinking the issue is unique to me?

It seemed like You were asking for help in solving an issue… offhand I don’t know why either.

Hmmm… no worries. the solution is here in case some one else has the issue.