Application Not Go FULLLL Screen, Just Full Screen


Little request… I work on a gigantic screen and whenever Hype opens any document the size is tiny. I need to expand it to the full size of the screen to work and I have to do this by pulling each corner. The top left green button expands it into ‘take over the screen and can’t get out of it’ mode, which I hate, I can’t reach my dock or my drives on the right and I have very little luck getting out of it. Can it just fill the screen without taking it over? Thanks for your consideration!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

This is Apple’s macOS behavior (I think from 10.10 on); I also find it a curious choice :upside_down_face:.

Option-click the green button to expand the window without going fullscreen.

I’m also a fan of Divvy for rearranging windows.


Thanks Jonathan, the alt-click solves the problem! That fulllll screen is horrible.


Also, (in most apps) double tap the toolbar area to expand full screen :wink: :upside_down: