Apple's Time Machine Effect?

Can anyone who knows how to do a basic set up template of the infamous Apple’s Time Machine like carousel with both the button to advance or reverse as well as wheel mouse response? Thanks.

1, Is you Hype broken ??.. :astonished:

If not, then what have you tried so far…


There is no such thing…

I think he means the effect of Apple’s Time Machine if I’m not mistaken. I’m guessing he wants to reproduce that UI in Hype. :wink:

Thanks DBear,

I guessed as much, But I am doubting anyone has a basic Hype template of such a thing and likely means constructing it from scratch.

If @ekim has something they have started on that would be a good start for us to help them…

As well as more info on what would be in the carousel and it’s source.

And I admit the more I think about it it would be a cool effect to be able to do in Hype.

DBear is right. I’m looking to duplicate the effects of that feature as closely as possible and basically. That way I can use that hype template and use it on slide show features. I do know if we took the effects and scripts like the parallax effect with scrolling, etc.

someting like this?

Hype only, no javascript.
this is only an example with basic responsive behavior but can be improved.



YES!!! That’s it! Sweet! OH that’s just too damn awesome. Is there a way to also active with a mouse wheel? I think I can look at how you did this and expand upon it. Thanks!

here another improved version :slight_smile: