Apple vs Epic Ruling

Moved it to Lounge. Hope you don't mind. I am very curious what will happen after this ruling… specially here in the EU.

Eh, I was hoping for more conversation, as it does affect every Hype user. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The video I was working on goes live in less than 30 minutes...


Here's a part I didn't get to in the video...

It looks like Apple was already moving towards allowing links in apps... but for “reader” apps ...I've been wondering if the Judge saw this and it affected her ruling. The only real penalty Apple suffered is something Apple was kinda doing already.

Also, with Apple Arcade, I think Apple saw what was coming, so they're just building their own alternative. And really, considering how much I dislike modern gaming, I should be subscribing to Apple Arcade. If consumers won't pay for content without in-app purchases, then I can't really blame Epic Games for making Fortnite.

Anyway, like the video says — and more importantly the court document say — Apple has 90 days to comply. There might be an appeal or a delay from Apple. Your big question is if this change will be applied to the rest of the world. I suspect that it will, otherwise the European Union might do worse to Apple.

Hopefully everyone likes the video. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is back out in the open. Sorry about that. Didn't see that video coming. Nice!

I would guess not, since the JFTC ruling happened so recently and I would think her ruling went through many drafts/revisions that would have taken a lot of time. It is nice that they are generally consistent on the same point which underlies general fairness.

Maybe, but then again I think Apple saw $$$....

Yeah, I'm probably thinking too complex. I watched Chaos On The Bridge recently, and it changed the way I look at things. On Star Trek: The Next Generation, the characters were all so professional, so I just assumed it was professional behind the scenes. Instead, it was more chaotic than I imagined and there was a battle of egos.

I suppose the professionalism is creating such a wonderful show in such an environment. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Even looking back at my own career, I'm surprised at the office politics. I figured it would be an easy gig to just make websites... nooooooooo. HA HA!

Since Apple has such nice products, in my head I imagined tremendous professionalism. I wasn't thinking about the human factor. So, yeah, obviously Apple Arcade is about making money.

My thinking was that it was created out of the realization that the flow of money from In-App Purchases might be weakening, so Apple Arcade is an alternative.

However, the court documents say, "This lucrative, $100 billion, market has not been fully tapped and is ripe for economic exploitation."

I'm guessing Gene Roddenberry's edict of "no bridge crew interpersonal conflict" probably came from him suffering through terrible office environments and wanting better :rofl:. I know the writers hated it, but I think it was a tremendous creative constraint and provided great examples of seeing how folks can actually work together. It is what I miss most about modern trek.

I can guarantee that there are tons of folks inside of Apple who wanted to provide a gaming experience that got rid of the money-sucking and gambling aspects of IAP/pay-to-play/lootboxes/etc. However likewise the project would never have gotten approved if it wasn't about the $$$, which Apple could see firsthand. If only they could see that their service could not ever be duplicated by 3rd parties on their platform, due to their own app store rules....