Apple Store blocks download for OS 10.11.6?

I use an older Macbook Pro and 10.11.6 and tried to purchase Whisk from the “Apps” Apple Store. I could not download it because it said it was not compatible with my system. But I was able to download it on this site, the 14 day trial works but will the full software?

Due to a bit of a silly situation we got in with the App Store review board, we had to change some functionality in how we summon the Developer Tools pane, which was unfortunately not compatible with macOS 10.11. Therefore the Mac App Store version of Whisk requires macOS 10.12 or later.

The direct-download version can use our original method and isn’t subject to Apple’s review, so therefore is compatible with macOS 10.11. The 14-day trial is fully functional for that time period and can be unlocked to use permanently upon purchase.

We always strive to (a) keep older OS compatibility as much as possible and (b) keep the Tumult Store and Mac App Store versions of the app as similar as possible, but every now and then we have to make concessions to this ideal. You can see the full list of differences here: