Apple Special Event – October 30, 2018

Who’s looking forward to the upcoming Apple Event?

Maybe there will be a new Mac Mini?! :thinking:
Will Tumult be there? Will they be on stage?! (If not, they should be!) :smiley:


Me, although I bought the iPad Pro last year … I might upgrade if the offering isn’t as unreasonable high priced as the last iPhone XS lauch. Otherwise I’ll wait a year and buy the previous generation (so this years stuff) when prices come down to a reasonable level (so minus the hype level) :wink:

The computing power everybody has gotten in there pocket these days could win the Second World War in minutes. At least break the enigma code in a heartbeat. Just saying most people don’t even come close in using the power they already wield.

So computer are getting to a point where they start being sold like fashion. The latest and greatest differentiates through a „new look“ so the neighbor can recognize if you in or out.

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Personally, I’m a little concerned about the rumored lack of a bezel with the iPad – unlike a phone which you can grip around the side, the design I’ve seen will definitely lend itself to accidental touches. No amount of clever software tricks can fully prevent them. In fact, I’d still prefer the usability full width bezels of the original iPad over the aesthetics of the current models.

I’m guessing that a new pencil will not work with the existing iPad Pro and only be compatible with this new one and the 6th gen standard iPad (which supports the Logitech Crayon, seemingly using different tech than the present Pencil). Pencil improvements more than anything else are what would drive me to upgrade. (aside form Hype/Hype Reflect testing of course!)

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I still remain using iPad 3.

I bought my iPad for developing purposes, but when it got old I started using it as a saloon computer. A substitute for not opening the main computer (if I do that normally get stuck with work aside of only taking a look at a website or reference :/)

Apple Pencil is the new gimmick on the block that make me think of changing to a new one, but there is many things that I don’t like: not too much software, a bit difficult to get a productive way to work with tablet and computer at the same time. Also, so used to work with Wacom and an important budget invested in their line of products.

In the Apple line of computers, I don’t expect too much. Their approach in the last years, was investing more in software than in hardware. The experience with the last iMac I bought, will keep me away from that line of products for a time. If I was to change now, I want a new Mac Mini with some good connections and the possibility to expanse it.

I would like a Display, but this is no gonna happen. The most of us, got a good Apple Display at time or get out and bought a good one when they disappeared from being updated.

New iPad Pro!!!
Ok Tumult time to port Hype over to iOS.
Then I can finally have a full creative tool with the Pencil :slight_smile:


I like the new Mac Mini. :slightly_smiling_face:

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…I saw everything very beautiful!!!, as always! I love the new line

when I become even better I buy the new tools, I have not yet fully exploited my ipad pro 12 1st gen!.

however my favorite upgrade is for the macbook air!
a new expressive standart for people on the go and students

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Yes, I got the iPad Pro latest model until this new release and I must say the pen was overdue. The magnetic charger makes so much sense. I was annoyed with the pen when not using it and the battery drains because it stays paired. If I unpair and repair it on usage battery stays for 1-2 week and not just 2 days. This solves that problem. Also I literally hated the sight of the pen sticking out of the iPad for a quick charge. This is also solved. Only thing: Dollar to Euro is just not good these days. It really hurts looking at the price tag over here. So a vacation in Delaware would be great… isn’t that the place you get the lowest tax in the US?

If I buy apple its usually 3rd generation and up but for now the iPad Mini 4 Gen does the job. Granted no Pencil Support but Wacom does it.

Yeah. When I saw the rise of retina I quickly sold my Cintiq 24" and waited on the iPad Pro. Imagine the Cintiq was about 25 KG heavy, only about 1080p and big… no huge! I just love drawing on the iPad Pro … just stick it in your backpack and done. Although I had to wait for it over two years back then. But this time I guess I’ll be waiting until prices drop for the new Design and buy this when it’s on the second market. Last iPad Pro is still actually fine for my purposes.

Agreed - this is one of the most “Apple-like” product changes I’ve seen in a long time. Simplicity (as in combining several bits of functionality to one) at its finest.

I have an older 13" Cintiq, but basically stopped using it in favor of iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Astropad. I still miss the stylus nib and grip feel as well as the eraser end, but like you the portability and retina has kept me on the iPad side.


same story here with the 12" Cintiq. Honestrly I don’t think the new pen is a real improvement for my work, also the mentioned lag on ipad is minimal and I still use the 1°st gen. …but the new size of the ipad 12 is very acctractive. a real improvement for the portability.

BTW astropad is great but in my opinion the company has changed the commercial policy in the worst (as it had already done DUET) to ask for a subscription to use the pen …

Nibs are are great specially those nib tweezers heh.

You can definitely use the Apple Pencil with pressure sensitivity with Astropad Standard (their non-subscription product). I don’t think this is clear from their comparison page, but for some reason it looks like studio is only the pencil. Probably some vestige of studio being “modern” yet not wanting to remove features for existing users of the original standard version… I’ve pinged them to ask about this.