Apple rejecting HTML project?


I am looking for a solution to get a Hype HTML animation (Mini website) through approval from apple.
I have developed a HTML presentation however Apple keep rejecting it due to performance.

Has anyone else had this issue? My team have suggest converting the SVG files to PNG however this will take a lot of time and help from a bulk uploader, I am also not sure how much this will help and I have a deadline to achieve.

I have an option to remake the entire app in HTML but this will take a lot of work and the cost if an HTML developer, Im hoping that there is a way to export or improve performance in the software at export? Any help would be massively appreciated!

Hype documentation provides a number of suggestions on how to do this; an example being setting images to load on a scene-by-scene basis and breaking things into higher number of less complex scenes in order to distribute the loading over time. Image format clearly matters as well, as the less processing an image requires in order to be displayed, the faster it will load. Stepping outside of Hype, you might also consider breaking up your images into sections in order to reduce unused space (with a PNG, for example, the empty space is not void of data).

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The first step in performance work is to measure and determine the largest contributing factor towards any slowness. Then tackle each issue one by one starting with the heaviest. It would be hard to offer concrete suggestions without seeing the application/.hype document or knowing specific identified issues (that said, SVG is a common culprit). @TYancy offers some good suggestions and there’s some others in this forum post.