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I saw “How to make an iOS app using Hype Pro and Xcode” in, but, the Interface Controller of WatchKit App doesn’t admits the WebView. I know the app for Apple Watch, “Pasetime Baseball” is built with Hype, mi question is how.
Anyone knows?

Hi @Fer

The Apple watch app that you are referring too was, all evidence points too, someone at Tumult! Dah Dah Daaaaaah!!!

So, your question is best directed to the culprit in question, c’mon guys! own up. @jonathan, @Daniel, @michael, @stephen … cats out of the bag :smiley:

Is it built using Hype …?

Only they would know. :slight_smile:

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The app itself is objective-c, but all the animations were pre-rendered from Hype documents. In fact, it was one of the reasons we added PNG Sequence Export to Hype :slight_smile:.

Pastime Baseball was a watchOS v1 app, which basically meant it is only capable of having a small amount of UI that needs to be in constant communication with the iPhone. The original challenge was figuring out if a game could be run at all, and then there were many challenges to get reasonable timing.

watchOS v2 and later allows for actual code running on the devices. As you’ve found out though, it does not support web views. You’ll likely still need to render animations as PNGs.

@stephen wrote a tutorial here, but since it is referencing watchOS v1 I expect some of it to be defunct:

I suspected as much … as looking at the evidence it was done a while back (which points to watchOS1) however … and interestingly enough there is a Cordova plugin that was created a while back, also, that facilitates the use of javascript to build a watchOS app (so no need to get dirty with Objective-C or swift (Xcode) but alas the fact that there is no WebView still limits you to what “animations” you can use. As Jonathan says “You’ll likely still need to render animations as PNGs” :frowning:

OO okay. I will have to rewrite the code in objective C or use Cordova. At least, I can take advantage of the animations made with Hype. But I have to release it this month so, maybe, just for Iphone with some simple part for Apple Watch. Thanks for the link and details @jonathan, Thanks for the plugin and for encouraging the team @DBear jejeje

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Here’s a recent app built with some help from Hype for the Apple watch:

“I used @hypeapp for prototyping and for interface animations for Bit Soccer”

0_0 es compatriota mio. Gracias por el contacto. Finalmente he usado Wkwebview para Mac porque mi iPhone fue siniestrado. Pero el juego estará en todas las plataformas. Now it is “in review”.
Sincerely, thank you for the contact.


0_0 is my compatriot. Thanks for the contact. I finally used Wkwebview for Mac because my iPhone was crashed. But the game will be on all platforms. Now it is “under review”.
Sincerely, thank you for the contact.”