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Hi, whats currently the best way to implement a hype projekt in an ipadApp and an MacApp. Are there also solutions for Android?

The best thing would be to get something like a stepbystep Tutorial. (I'm a graphic designer - not an developer :wink:

thx, best jan

Look up WKWebviews

I posted a Xcode template a while back which probably needs updating. But there should be enough there to help. @Photics also had a plugin.

But the important thing is the WKWebview usage.

I akso posted a few example to show how to communicate between the native app and the hype project.
And also A coreDta example
Which I think was the latest thing I did. It will be using SwiftUI.

A lot depends on what you are trying to do. Just loading a webpage iand have that fully become the app with all interaction or mostly native app and some things done with Hype for animation, user interaction etc.
You can mix all of it.
This App Ourmusicradio uses a few Hype animation with interaction between the iOS native app and hype as well as loading webpages (Wordpress blog) and web embeds (chat box) All are integrated to be one App using wkwebviews and SwiftUI.


Take a look here:

Works flawless.
Also @MarkHunte templates do a good job, although as he wrote, they need an update here and there. I’ll contact Mark about that.


Thanks for your hints!

I will make a simple tutorial that helps you on your way. Coming up in the next couple of days.


Wow, that would be great!

Have a look


Awesome tutorial @Djon!!

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So cool... now say a little prayer :-DD Will check it out, thanks for your instructions!!!!!


oh so amazing tutorial.