App built with Hype 3 Pro in the Appstore

Our latest interactive storybook was build with Hype 3 Pro. Available in the AppStore!
Sorry, it’s only in dutch this time… It translates to ‘Your Party’.
We used the persistant symbols in the name menu, the new animation properties and created three different layouts for all iPhone versions.

Jouw Feestje


Hi René,
Any tips about turning an Hype app into a iOS app ?
Thanks !

We use cordova to turn html5 content into an app. It’s very easy: just some preference tweaks and maybe some extra plugins for some additional features like audio and native preferences. But prepare for some extra javascripting!

That’s adorable! I love the illustrations with all the little animations!

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Extra javascripting ? Could you be more precise ?

To keep memory usage low, you’ll probably have to cut your project in several hype documents. To tie them together with some javascript. And these cordova plugins also works with javascript…
We also have some localized apps. To keep memory low, we use javascripts to set the language in our documents instead of building every app a few times for every language.

Would love to hear anything more about the process you’d be willing to share.

If anyone can make a step-by-step guide to take Hype output and turn it into an app, it would be much appreciated. I’ve been burnt by third-party solutions not being updated before, so if there’s a way to do it purely with Xcode, that would be even better. Thanks in advance!


I’m not familiar with xcode and objective-c. So I need a third party solution like Cordova/Phonegap. There are some issues with the latest version and the plugins I use, so I’m stuck with cordova 2.5. Which works fine with all xcode versions.

It’s really easy to make an app with cordova/phonegap. Just follow these few instructions in their documentation.

I think working your way through certificates, identifiers and profiles from apple’s dev center is way more difficult!

Rene, Thank you for this post. I am working on a book and this seems like the better way to deploy my project. I have wondered if it is better to sell interactive children’s books through the app store or ibook store.
Your thoughts?

Also I found 2 good videos on how to do this with PhoneGap and just using Xcode



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This works…but audio does not port over

I need audio, so I’m stuck with cordova.
Maybe someday I can pay somebody to make a xcode template for us…

How difficult was it to get up and running with Codova?
I need audio as well so I will need to find something that will give me the best of both worlds.

Very easy, there’s a step-by-step here for cordova 2.5

And get the LowLatencyAudio plugin from here