APNG in Hype (native and by canvas)

APNG is a file format for animated images. It was created as an extension to the PNG file format, and allows for animations. APNG is supported by a number of web browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

APNG provides a number of benefits over other file formats for animated images, including smaller file size, better compression, and support for transparency and alpha channels. APNG also allows for frame-based animation, which means that each frame can be independently manipulated. This makes APNG ideal for creating animations with a “hand-drawn” feel.

If you’re looking for a file format that can create small, efficient animated images, APNG is a great option. APNG is similar to the GIF file format in that it allows for animated images. However, there are a few key differences between the two formats. APNG has better compression, meaning that files will be smaller in size. Finally, APNG supports transparency and alpha channels, while GIF does not.

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Here is a quick and dirty demo:
APNG Demo.hype.zip (430,9 KB)

There is a built-in alternative that is similar, but probably not as efficient. Use a regular PNG with all animation steps layed out as a sprite sheet and then load it into the sprite sheet tool in Hype.