Apng and ibooks author

I want to insert in my ibook an apng picture. Is it possible?

Yup! It works. A good rule of thumb is that if it works in Mobile Safari, you’ll see the same behavior in iBooks.

hi. I asked this question because it don’t work with my apng: ok in safari but there’s more no animation with ibooks author…
I don’t understand:

That doesn’t seem to be animated (but it’s possible that the forums converted it somehow). Can you share a zip file with the image inside?

In my test I created a png, dropped it into Hype, exported a .wdgt file, and it worked in iBooks author.

I created my hype animation but it was exported it as a video (apng), not as a .wdgt file. If I use this, it’s ok but the animation isn’t working immediately like a gif and no transparency…

socrate et sénèque - pilier hermès.png.zip (2.3 MB)

If you drop the image into iBooks Author, it appears that it won’t work – but if you drop the image back into Hype, then export as a .wdgt, it will work.

I recommend avoiding using characters with accent marks in filenames – sometimes iBooks has issues with that, though that doesn’t seem to be the issue here. I think iBooks just doesn’t yet support apngs.