Anyway to create vector by mirror duplate?


Please check the screenshot:

I like the vector function in Hype, Is there a way to duplicate a copy of the #1 vector bubble by mirror just like the #2 one to the #3?

If not, that is ok, I just wonder whether I missed some new feature in Hype.


Just could always use a negative scale value on the horizontal axis.

Hello @MaxZieb

I can not catch you up, would you please show a sample?



Uncheck the constrain and use -100% on width


How am I stupid, I forgot rotation function, and I set the duplicate one to be 180:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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That approach is even better, using y-Rotation 180 degrees.

Well, there are potential issue of my way:

so, I think your way is much more great way, right?

Nop, if you use any rotation some browsers won’t show it. But thanks for the scale, I hope it works.