Anyway to add video by async_load

Hello @Daniel @jonathan,

I build webpage by Hype and always need embed video into webpages, and export them as oam format and upload them into wordpress by Hype wordpress plugin.

Here is an example of our page:

The problem for me is how to reduce the page load time since it is really large webpage if the video is embed.

So, Anyway to async_load videos?

Alternatively, it would be great if the video could be poped up in a window upon click, here is a example:

you may find the play button is 观看 in Chinese as the screenshot:

is it possible please?

Thanks in Advance


The <video> tag will by default download a portion of the video, but only when the scene is loaded. Your .m4v video is actually the last item loaded on the page so it is not slowing down the load of your page:

Here’s a bit more info on how preloading works if you want to change the default using a custom Video tag:

In Hype, we don’t set a preload tag on videos loaded as a regular video element, so the browser does what it thinks is best. In Chrome, for example, by default the first few seconds of the video are downloaded so playback can occur quickly.


Thanks, I understand now it should not cause the page load delay.

Any I will look for other way to achieve the high speed.