Any Way to Move Timing Function from One File to Another?

I worked forever on a specific transition for a needle going into a vial and need to move it to other documents, is that possible?

Make a back up before you play around with this (duplicate file).

###Method 1
Yes, just create a symbol from the animation and then the copy and paste transfer works as long as you transfer the whole symbol.

###Method 2
If symbols are no option for you… you will have todo it the hard way:

  1. Select all involved layers or the group containig them and copy paste them to the new document.
  2. Select the same layers but this time all the animations (drag and hold lasso) and copy paste them to the new document.

Make sure to paste them when the playhead is at 0 (or the time you want them at)

This should be fixed. I’ll post a feature request.

HUGE thanks. I used an old version, selected the object with the specific animation on it, converted it to a symbol, pasted with animations and boom, it was in my library. That is exactly what I needed. Cheers!

Just an FYI you can also export and import symbols. If you have something that you think you can use again you can convert it to a symbol and export it to your desktop and then import it into any document.

Also @jonathan just made me aware of the “paste with animation” feature found on the right-click menu on timelines and the edit menu

Yes - if you literally just need the timing function (that is, not an animation itself) you can bring it over by copying the animation (or an element and pasting with animations), and then choosing ‘Add to List’ in the timing function popup to make it available to other animations.