Any meaningful interaction example idea using Physics feature?

I played around for a while with the physics feature. It’s really interesting to play with it. It seems to me we can now build an interactive game with Hype. But I’m short of creativity when applies this feature to real-world mobile or website project. I’m curious is there any idea or example on applying this feature?

The original Physics thread and this thread on accumulating points has some user work. Pinball games seem to be popular right now :smiley:.

You can also use physics whenever real world motion might better show off your concept. I did one animation where a wrecking ball destroyed a home and then revealed some text underneath. It would have been difficult to animate this with keyframe animations.

It could also be very useful in UI Prototyping, as many mobile interactions are moving to having more accurate physics.

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The physics engine can be used for all sorts of web banner and skyscraper ads.
The trick is ti mix up static blocks and dynamic objects to get some fun effects.
Here is a quick little valentines ad to show the example. (425.1 KB)

You can play with the balloons to make the floating more interesting.
Some other great applications for interactive illustrations
falling leaves, bats flying in a halloween ad, rain drops, snowflakes, you name it :smile: