Any help dealing with tricky 3D rotation?

Hi everyone - I was wondering if a wizard could help me with a 3D rotation issue.

I’m trying to make something very similar to the attached video - where a UI screen rotates around with 3 elements ‘popped’. I think the best analogy is a frontal view of two planets rotating around the sun.

It seems that the simplest way to have this happen would be by setting some sort of transform-z-origin ? I’ve experimented with trying to create an illusion of this 3D rotation by moving the element right then left again, but I’m sure there’s got to be a clean, simple way of doing this?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!

3D Screen (2.2 MB)

Hi Tom - Welcome to the Forum!

Not a direct definitive answer for You but > here’s something for You to explore…

Three replies down is a post from @MattDArmstrong with the following Hype file - created completely in Hype w/o helper libraries:
3d effect (22.9 KB)

yeah, i suspect setting different origins while rotating link