Any good freelancers for a slideshow project in hype?

I have a project in which there are 3 separate responsive slideshows needed. Each slideshow will have about 12-15 slides with the following content:
Background image
Foreground png image with transparency to show the background image
One button that animatedly opens up an overlay with some text in it, This overlay can be closed by the user by clicking on the same button which has now changed into a “x” or a close symbol.

We will give the png images needed for each slide

The slides need to be full screen and responsive. The foreground image will have mostly typographic and other elements that may need adjustment to work well on all screen sizes.

There must be an on-screen play/pause toggle button and previous and next slide buttons. The slideshow must advance automatically unless paused and then be manually operated by the next and previous slide buttons.

There is also a top menu bar with a logo and some links. These links in the top menu bar must take the user to a particular slide in the slide show. For example clicking on the 3rd link in the menu bar might take the user to slide number 8 and so on.

The job is not complex and we have executed much more complex sites than these. But we are tied up with many other projects for the time being and need some good hype expert to do this for us on a freelance basis.

Anybody? Just inbox me here or on with fees and time needed.


@Daniel can we set up a category for “Jobs” and add this? I know there is a google group!forum/tumult-hype-freelancers and you did a post way back but perhaps a category is a better choice. That way people can just click on the category and see latest posts for jobs / work.

@sgibm I don’t have enough time right now to be able to help you with this but perhaps others may be able to help.

That is a great idea. I just checked the google group and will post my job there too but I have a feeling that the response will be better here on this forum if there is a category for jobs.

There’s a couple people listed here who may be available in this freelancers thread.

I’m not sure this warrants a category yet. I’d prefer if gigs are mostly discussed between two people (private messages), which is why I encourage those available for work to post their availability.


I’m not looking for freelance work, nor am I looking to hire freelancers, but there is a clear reason to add a jobs section to this forum. If people see that they can get paid by using Hype, then they’d be more inclined to learn / buy the software.

Not only should there be a jobs forum, there should be a Tumult template store, where Hype templates can be bought / sold.

I don’t want to keep anyone from getting hired, I just think of categories as something you create once you notice a trend of items that should fit in the category. The same reason I didn’t launch these forums with an #advertising nor a #template-gallery category – there were no threads that would fit within it. Let’s see some more ‘I’m looking for someone to hire someone’ threads first, and more than two freelancers in this ‘I’m available for hire’ thread. No really, I’d like to see more :slight_smile:

That’s a fair reply. You did create an official post for freelancers. I’m surprised that there aren’t more responses in that thread.