Any experience of uploading Hype Widget to opencart please?


Wordpress is the largest CMS, and there is plugin to upload Hype widget.

And Opencart is largest Commerce platform, but I did not find a way to upload Hype widget to it.

It would be great if anyone could sharing your experience on Opencart, or any possibility of Opencart Hype plugin please?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any experience with this platform, but it looks like there are ways to embed HTML content within it. If you go to the Admin demo, and then go to Design > Theme Editor, you can see that it is regular HTML (and some twig / template language). So you would basically be following these instructions to get a Hype document embedded on a template page.

There are also HTML modules for embedding content elsewhere:

I thought Magento was the largest, but it looks like WooCommerce is the most popular. Here’s ‘builtwith’ data:

Thanks Daniel.