Another Simple Game Based off the Atari 2600 Platform

Creating a Javascript/Hype version of Maze Craze with a few minor customizations.


Using this in a small class I’m teaching this semester when we cover Collision Detection. Used Tiled from to create the layout. Would love any usability feedback.


Good work @darren_pearson.

For me it’s a little annoying having the sound when you bump into a wall but I’m guessing to stay true to the Atari version that has to be in there :smile:

Maybe a change of (random) maze when you click play again?

Would be helpful for folks if you could share some of your techniques. i.e for the detection, etc. I know the community will appreciate it. Good work though. I got 1100

Awesome Darren!



Thanks! Need to work on "normalizing" audio so some sounds are not too much louder than others.

Great Score! I used [THIS TUTORIAL][1] to learn how to use Tiled and convert the results into Javascript to detect collisions. When I have time. I'd like to put together a tutorial but that won't happen until the end of this semester I'm guessing.

Meant to put this into the link

HI @darren_pearson, nice work
I love Arcade!

Just added your game in the web gallery :smile:

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