Another Showcase Showing Hype in Action

Another project using Hype to create an infographic.


you’ve done a lot of effort to add abstraction to the control of hypedocuments. this makes your work outstanding. cool! :slight_smile:

good job!
beautiful graphics, elegant animations and runs well on chrome.
can I add it to the hypedocks gallery?

Amazing work here :slight_smile:

Great Work!

Although it took a few too many seconds to load on my 40mb broadband and as there is no loading bar
you are just left hanging with a white screen. I hate loading bars as well…

I hate it when people criticize my work but I assure you, I’m just trying to help.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction to tell me how to trigger animations on scroll into viewing area as this wonderful example demonstrates.


In Hype you can use Viewport Actions (aka waypoints) to kick off timelines. @DBear also has some drawing/animations synced to scrolling, which he’d have to explain his techniques for that one :slight_smile:.