Another Q & A template

A basic Q & A. I have put in instructions etc. in a scene page. This one uses basic javascript to show the result etc. It is just a quick creation. Feel free to change etc. There are three timelines. One is the basic timeline. Next is the right answer being selected timeline and the last is wrong answer being selected timeline. The wrong answer timeline allows you to put in text so the end user can learn. There are also basic notes in the javascripts.

I made some changes to the javascripts to make it much easier to use. Switched to a count function to count instances and a loop to use them to hide/show things. Also tracked down all errors and fixed. They were very minor and did not affect functionality but what can I say.

It gives a running total - score counter so the user can see how they are doing.

Again, very basic but a friend needed something quickly so this was born. Here is an example of it in action. (this has been updated - Jan 03/2020)

Jan 12, 2020 - removed older version. See further down for updated version. Fixed a couple of cosmetic issues and refined a bit of the javascript for more universal usage.

Jan 26, 2020 - bored and updated some of the code. See below for newer version 1.04

Jan 27, 2020 - added some step by step instructions to the instructions of how to use the template. Upated version to 1.05. See further down for updated version.

Any questions just ask.


Lol good thing I am not a bus driver at that school, only got 5 right.

I noticed that if I click on the answer summaries, the question flashes up a again and then fades away again. Also if you click a few time around you can get other results layered over each other…

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Ah, thanks. I did not expect multiple clicks - will fix that.

Know what is doing it.


I have fixed the issue. I will upload a correct template which eliminates that issue.
(Duh - stupid mistake from being in a rush)

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I hope to upload the corrected template later today. (Tonight). For those who are curious I fixed it using the document.getElementsByClassName() DOM method. I then used this to show/hide the questions so random clicks do not work.

There were other ways but I wanted to make sure no random click would work at all. Just in final stages of testing it.

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Thank you so much… This is fantastic on the buses quiz. However, I downloaded the template. Then deleted the text instructions , and tried the quiz. It kind of works, but for each question asks for the first name again, and the first name doesn’t appear in the requisite field. Also the scores don’t work. I must have missed something. If you could help, I would really appreciate it. I am a complete novice.

You do not need to delete the instructions and the three (A, B, C) question/answer scenes.

You just need to not select those for export those when you export the quiz.

Why not send me an email direct to and we can figure out what is needed.


Thanks so much for responding, but I do not wish to be a nuisance to you! I downloaded your template and did a trial by asking a question with right and wrong answers. It worked ok in that the right and wrong responses worked brilliantly. However, for each question it polled me for my first name, at the beginning of each question. The welcome message did not appear. I thought I had done something wrong, so I redownloaded the template and exported it as is. Still it worked ok, but with each of the three questions it polled me for my name, and didn’t record the number of questions attempted. This was with exporting without the first scene, as you suggested Is there any reason the untouched template should work in this way?

Again, please don’t waste time replying if you don’t feel like it. I will continue to fiddle with it to see if I can get it to work.

Thanks again so much for sharing your efforts and talent so freely.

best regards,
simon dobbs

I am just about to upload a newer version. I have refined some of the coding a bit and this may help with the issue you are having. I have cleaned up some more of the code (yes I was bored). I have also set it so if a name is not entered when asked nothing shows in the name spot.

It will be: Quick_Q&A

Here it is:
Quick_Q&A (211.8 KB)
(Updated Jan 27, 2020)

If anyone has questions do not hesitate to get in touch directly.

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I have posted an updated version now. Give it a go and let me know if you are still have issues. Here is my suggestion:
After opening the template, do not make any changes, select the Intro Screen scene then go to:
File> Preview in Browser> Preview Current Scene in Browser.

It should run fine like that. Then make your changes.

If it does not run properly before any changes get in touch.



many, many thanks. `My plan is now to work out how it works!

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