Another Hype website

(Gustavo) #1

Today I delivered another project for a client. There are still some adjustments. I want to thank the forum for always answering my doubts and helping me. Special thanks to Jonathan.

(Isaac Brown) #2

Hi Guto,
This is a great website. Good to see a nice polished website is possible to create in Hype.

What hurdles (if any) did you encounter during the creation of this?


(Gustavo) #3

Hello, thank you very much! I did not encounter any great difficulties. The Tumult forum helps a lot so I am very grateful always. There are some issues that can complicate me … For example: Customers here in Brazil want to manage their site by wordpress and this makes it difficult for a partner with Hype to be long. Use it only for small pages.

I love Hype and your community. Every day I enter the forum hoping for a strong update to evolve the program. I would love to use the program interface in two screens: time line in one and tools in another.

Another issue that is very discussed here are the forms of email … I do not like iframes … this is an issue that is missing in the hype even though it was not thought of … but it has potential !!!

(I have an email form with php that works in hype if anyone needs it.

I do not write English very well … Sorry.

(Pete) #4

Bravo, Nice site! Although I’d use something geared specifically for website creation. Don’t get me wrong, Im not saying that Hype isn’t capable in fact looking at the site its pretty capable but I find the process of building a site a bit scattered. However, if the intent was to challenge yourself to built a site and learn form what could be done with Hype then job well done, extraordinary :clap: :+1:

Here’s what I would’ve used to create a site like the one above It’d probably take me a fraction of the time you’ve spent on creating it with Hype.

BlocsApp for mac based on bootstrap framework is what I’d use for this project would have been a breeze to create this site
MobiRise free and cross platform based on bootstrap another favorite of my

Then theres Adobe Muse, Its not one of my favs but people have had great success with building sites with the app.

I use Hype for UX/Mock ups, Ads, Complex Animations.

(Loves Hype) #5

Yes. Building entire pages in Hype is a thing I wouldn’t recommend (but I also did it once or twice). Microsites, Apps and Widgets etc. are superb for Hype but with traditional pages you have to think about SEO and people who disable JS.

(Freelancer) #6

nice job @guto really nice!

your work is now listed in the web galley as a featured work :slight_smile: