Another CMS Question

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck hooking up SiteCake CMS to a Hype output page? In principle it should be pretty straight forward. Give a div a class of “sc-content” and that should be it. But unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work.

The background to this question is, that I have managed to hook up google sheets to hype as a CMS, but now would like to avoid a “back end” all together, to keep it really really simple.

As much as I can tell SiteCake stores the content directly in the page. Hence, it would need to have the Hype document with the sc-content available on server side but Hype is run and expanded on the client. Either I am wrong or you would need to exclude Hype’s JS in the edit process and hide the sc-content areas in the Hype mode and pull in the content in to your Hype file. That would be the easy way.

The sophisticated way would be to get SiteCake work on a client side Hype preview and trick the publish process to update a sc-content div on the server.

Update: wanted to give the integration a try but it is closed source. Sorry your on your own.

Thanks @MaxZieb for taking a look anyway. I was hoping it could work along the lines of this: Implementing TinyMCE

I will report back here if I make any headway.


There is also the great flat file CMS, free open-source with many features called Grav CMS:

I am recently came across this while researching another project and there is a JavaScript-based Markdown to HTML converter. Maybe that is something to consider.

And the demo is here:

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