Annyang Voice Input/Control in Hype

Hello, dear Hype community.
I have a question about how to modify the javascript, and hype document,
so it would work by triggering the functions with voice input.
I know its doable, but i am lost in this huge javascript.
I think if we could make it work, the HYPE would never be the same again !!!
Attached file below:
Annyang Voice (49.7 KB)
Thank you.

Ok. Here is working demo, thanks to @h_classen.
Annyang Voice Control (1.2 MB)

no demo :open_mouth:

unfortunately this kind of plugin is still only available in Chrome or Firefox. I find it quite slow in recognising commands. But, it’s an interesting idea. One that still needs time to become main stream but I like it

it is now uploaded, yes it works only with Chrome .
Hope you look at it.


second reply to the post.
look for file Annyang Voice Control 2

ok - very cool! i think there is still some time, if it will work on safari, too.