Animation triggered by scrolling


Please take a look at the following site I’m building in Hype…

This is still very much a work in progress so it hasn’t been optimised for mobile and is best viewed on a desktop at the moment.

Please note the series of animated events that take place on loading of the scene. Once this has played out I would like to…

a) Either scroll manually down to the next image of the watch or get there by triggering the page to scroll by clicking the down arrow (I’d like both options, so this is not an either/or thing).

b) Once the page has scrolled down to the second watch image I’d like same sequence of animations to trigger automatically for the second watch image.

All the animated elements are set up, I just need some way to automatically trigger the sequence based on the position of the scrolled page.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi Karl!

This will do what it sounds like You are looking for:

Thanks Jim, I’ll take a look at that.