Animation Technique To Share

Today’s Google Doodle was to honor Animation Pioneer Lotte Reiniger.
Her technique was to animate shilouettes.
During her day she had to cut out the paper by hand and then shoot the work frame by frame.
Her animations are beautiful and even more so when you learn how she made them.

Google posted a video on Youtube that showed how they made today’s doodle.
Now being a Hype Fanatic, I saw this as a great style that would be able to take advantage of all of Hypes features.
• With manipulation of an elements center point
• Animating rotation angles
• layering of elements
• using the blur feature to create depth of field
• And lastly using the power of multiple timelines
The possibilities for something amazing are endless.

Hope Lotte’s style inspires you and the Google Process spurs you on to use more Hype!


From this vintage film you can see that the way the figures are animated in paper can be translated into Hype points and rotation angles