Animation Presets in Hype

It would be great if hype one day had the ability save+store timeline animation as presets. They would essentially be key framed blocks with a preview, something like animation styles? These would be great for those who reuse styles for a speedy workflow.


Thanks - this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while too :slight_smile:.
Especially if there can be quick keyboard shortcuts to apply them.

What can I say? Please make it a reality - while we’re still young now? Btw, Keynote has these animation presets. Particularly the ‘SLOWMO’ they call it ‘Drift and Scale’ Interestingly Keynote exports to the web with its own exported json and html files. See, Apple did it ,now why cant Hype do this? :crazy_face:

I can live without above. ::Digressing:: Instead I’d love this for movie export


I agree with these feature requests.
Hype is a great workhorse :ok_hand:t2: but some onboard animation presets and the ability to save custom animation presets would be perfect.
Maybe supported by the community who can share presets as plugins?

The motion blur should not be hard, as this is a addition of a blur on a moving/rotation element that eases in and out from the start to the end of the movement/rotation. I apply this manually each time now, but it would be great if we could “toggle” this when exporting for example.

Thanks for the additional feedback!

Note that proper motion blur operates on the same vector as the motion: a horizontally moving object does not blur in the vertical direction. Hype uses HTML5/the web to make animations and there is no web-native blur effects that operates in this manner.

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