Animation: Paste a sticker on the board

Hi to all
I would like to have an animation like pasting a sticker on the board.
Would be nice, if I can do this with many forms (not only rectangle).
To you have any ideas?
Thank you very much for your hints.
Best regards, Urs

It seems like there are three components to this:

  1. The backside
  2. The Shadow on the right edge
  3. The frontside

If you strategically enlarge the frontside, shrink the backside, and move the shadow, I think you can simulate this with regular images.

Hi Daniel
Thank you for your reply. I would prefer to do this not with images but with rectangle and text.
But first, I should probably try your variant.
Thanks again.

Had some time. This is a rough idea to show you the method. I’m using Rects & Text.

stickerPaste (20.0 KB)


Hi DBear
Wow! My compliments! Thanks a lot for your solution.
I’m impressed!