Animation on Enter Viewport, plays with each scroll?

Hi all, I have a problem, when this animation comes into the viewport, it plays, but if you scroll down at all it starts over... medically disrupting the play back. Also it plays again if you scroll up and down again. Whats the trick to get it to just play one on Enter Viewport?

Thanks for any help!


Have You tried a search of the Forum for a solution?

I tried "Viewport animation run once" and got several hits, such as below...

It is hard to say what is the best~right approach as You do not include a Hype file.

Hi thanks Jim,

Whats strange was it worked fine before... I rebuilt this because I had negative transforms that was causing problems, but that version did not do what this one does. I have included the file if it can (27.3 KB)

Thanks again JimScott, that link you posted had some helpful thinking in it... it appears to have needed a continue timeline after the first on viewport load... funny didn't need it before but it makes sense.

Thanks again!


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