Animation not showing on the website

the animation shows well here:
but the same animation DOES NOT show here:
Please help, I have spent 3 hours trying to figure out why? it is the same animation, I just wanted to make it responsive but gave up, and I need to create 5 of these, I have checked the developer tools, more than 100 times, and I can't find what is the error, please help!
thank you,

You appear to be using a flexible layout for the height; this makes the height value of Hype's main containing div set to "100%". However, there is no defined height for a parent, therefore 100% of 0px is 0px, and the container would not show up.

The fixes would be:

  • Uncheck the height scale in the Scene/Layout Inspector so it is not flexible on the height dimension. This means it would have a height that is explicitly defined in pixels.
  • Add a parent div to Hype's main container that has a height value

Wow, Jonathan, that was quick, Impressed!, Thank you so much! You are right, I missed that ! I have been trying to make it responsive by grouping all the elements and animations in one "group" and then playing with the flexible layout, and forgot to set a height to the container on the website...Thank you!!

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