Animation in symbol won't run independently of Main Timeline?


I have a scene with a timeline action that stops the main timeline until the user clicks a button, on button click everything works as expected.

In this scene I have a symbol with animation that runs as soon as the scene loads, as expected. The problem is when the user clicks the fore mentioned button the animation in the symbol starts over again, which I don’t want to happen.

Any idea on how to completely break out my symbol’s animation from all control of the scene’s main timeline?

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You could create an additional timeline in that Symbol, and use a Custom Behavior to define a ‘start additional timeline’ action. You would then run this action ‘On Scene Load’. Custom behaviors are great for this use case: targeting timelines within Symbols from outside of the symbol. More info here:

Hi David

Thanks for your response.

The issue doesn’t seem to be with getting the animation on the symbol to run, it does that already. The problem appears to be when the user clicks the only button in the scene then the symbol’s animation starts over again… Do I need to apply an action/behavior to the button instead?

Thanks again for your help, very appreciated!


… now I’m actually starting to wonder if I haven’t stumbled upon a bug; is there a place to post/report issues and bugs? I can post the file and provide details as directed…

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Please submit an issue from within Hype, using Help > Report an Issue. Including logs and your document in that window will be very helpful (as well as steps to reproduce).

Thanks Daniel, I’ve submitted the issue.


Just to add some clarification - symbol timelines can be entirely independent of a parent’s timeline. By default, Hype will add a Symbol Action to play the symbol’s main timeline, but this can be removed.