Animation framerate

Hi everybody,
i'm started to use tumult hype to create animations for CasparCG.
My engine is setted to 50 fps and the html animations are not smoother.

is there a way to set fps in tumult hype?

is this a feature that will be introduced in the next releases?
if not i have to change software.


You can change the fps for the movieexports.
regarding html-export the fps will be the max possible. normally about 60 fps

thank for your reply,
I don't use movie export,
casparcg uses html template and gets frame by the function

I recently made a video about frames per second, requestAnimationFrame, and Tumult Hype. Basically, Hype will try to draw as many frames as possible. It uses keyframes for animation. So, Hype and the Browser will draw as much as possible. I have seen Hype projects running at 60 FPS.

If you're capping out at 50 FPS, it might be a couple of things…

  • Your computer hardware
  • Your Hype project — Too much going on at once
  • Unlikely, but perhaps your monitor or operating system is limited to 50 FPS

I suspect this might be the problem, but I'm not familiar with CasparCG.

You could use the FPS code from either one of the FPS templates and see what FPS you get in a normal browser…

Watching the video might help too. It shows that when doing screen recording of a Hype project, the frame rate can drop. That's why I use Hype to export the video. It has a 60 FPS setting and it's nice! :slightly_smiling_face:


We typically try to run animations as fast as possible in HTML, which browsers tend to do at 60 fps.

I assume you want 50 fps because of the European PAL heritage for video?

yes, this is exactly what I'd want.

Do you know any workaround?

There's not a workaround right now. (The only way solve it would be to hack the runtime)

To prioritize, I'm curious how bad is the effect? Do you have a capture showing this as a problem?