Animation "does not keep up" with the speed of the click

Goodmorning everyone,

I have a project that provides, alongside the contents, the animation of a short number sequence (which is a persistent symbol).

I attach the file here: (42.1 KB)

The problem is on the second slide: in the browser preview, if you click more or less slowly on each "GO TO N° STEP" button, the animation of the numbers works correctly, in fact I see each number next to the corresponding content.

But if you click on the buttons more quickly to move from one step to another, the numerical sequence "does not keep up" with the speed of the click, and so it happens that, for example, the contents of the first step are displayed with the number "2°", or the contents of the 3rd step with the number "2°".

Any idea what the problem might be?

Thanks for your attention and help!

the very easiest approach to avoid such behaviour that reults of a timeline duration is to place an invisble element above the buttons to block clicks as long as the animation is running


Thank you @h_classen!