Animation curve to function

It would be nice to have the option to show the relative animation function when you select or change a bezier curve in the animation panel.
in this way you can use same curves calling setElementProperty by code.
Another simpler way could be to have the opportunity to call setElementProperty function with a saved custom curve.


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Good idea! I'm surprised but we didn't have an issue in our tracker with being able to use setElementProperty with saved/custom timing functions. I've added this.

Do note that instead of a name, setElementProperty can take a javascript function of the form:

function (t, start, dur) { /* return percent complete */ }

So theoretically if you have the exact math you could replicate, but usually this is difficult if you're using the path editor to make them.


Thanks Jonathan,
I used external function with bezier-easing js library but is impossible to match the two curves.
I'll waiting this new features!


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