Animation Bug in Hype?

Why is it when I do the same exact process to animate a mask right to left, it moves the origin of the masked object? When I make it from left to right, it works perfectly.

Is this an animation bug?


It isn’t really a bug though this is a very common task we’d like to make easier! Right now what you’re probably hitting is a combination of the fact that elements are always positioned from their top-left and that Hype will do a little bit of convenience work to keep items in the same position when growing a group, but this doesn’t extend to animations.

The solutions is that you need an animation of the inner elements to go in the opposite direction to keep their position the same. There’s a lot more discussion with some nice graphics illustrating what to do in this thread:

OK, I’ll check it out. Thanks! I totally understand not all tools are the same and still in development. What Hype does, especially with its export options, is pretty cool. I’ve had several successful interactive widgets for iBooks completed using Hype. Upgrading to Pro has been a good thing.