Animation between timelines

Hi, I have a small problem with timelines. In this Hype project, I have four timelines and in each timeline different bars are animated. I would like that when I switch from one to the next, the corresponding bars go down and the bars of the timeline I have activated go up. I have created different relative time controls for that and I have assigned to each button the action of starting a timeline and playing backwards the rest, but I'm afraid it doesn't work because all the timelines are played and not only the one I came from.
Could someone help me? Maybe a javascript function is needed?
I send attached the file.

Thanks a lot!!! (68.0 KB)

Hei there,
just replace the 'start timeline'-command for the timelines supposed to run backwards by 'continue timeline'.

Best regards,
Kalle (84.0 KB)

Correction - just use 'continue timeline' for all timelines. Makes it more stable... (80.2 KB)


Thank you so so much, @ktewes !!

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