Animating Text Calligraphically (Drawing individual letters)

(Ted Goranson) #1

I would like to animate the drawing of the strokes of letters. Possible?

(Greg) #2

It is with Vivus, I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know how hard is to implement…

(Olof Pock) #3

I’ve used Lazy Liner in some of my projects for a while.

(Nick ) #4

I have done this using this method

(drewbullen) #5

I have tried both Lazy Line and Vivus in Hype animations. Both worked. I think Vivus was marginally better and there was a small caching problem with Lazy Line if you returned to the same scene. GreenSock has probably the most powerful animated SVG drawing library but it isn’t free.

(Thiago Ribeiro Nogueira) #6


Do you can teach me how to use Lazy Liner in Hype?

Thank you.