Animating Text Calligraphically (Drawing individual letters)

I would like to animate the drawing of the strokes of letters. Possible?

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It is with Vivus, I haven’t tried it myself so I don’t know how hard is to implement…


I’ve used Lazy Liner in some of my projects for a while.

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I have done this using this method

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I have tried both Lazy Line and Vivus in Hype animations. Both worked. I think Vivus was marginally better and there was a small caching problem with Lazy Line if you returned to the same scene. GreenSock has probably the most powerful animated SVG drawing library but it isn’t free.

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Do you can teach me how to use Lazy Liner in Hype?

Thank you.


Sorry to bump this. I got sidetracked and am now with Hype4Pro. What I want to animate caliigraphically is not a vector with start and end, but strokes like the attached.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 22.46.00

You could use the progress on a line progression using a Mutation Observer:

Using the progression one can then determine top/left using:

And then you could draw the line yourself with a canvas trail effect:

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I sure had to give it a try… lots of room for improvement and certainly spawned some further ideas: (26,0 KB)

Update: Still playing around with this… I am evaluating some more features. Here is a little behind the scene look at a detail setting and an outline feature of the segments. I am also playing around with rounded edges. I would like to use the calculated “envelope” ultimately as a mask on the vector stroke. Could be an interesting concept.


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