Animating scale of an image


I’m trying to animate the scale of an image, from 0% to 100%. For some reason, I can’t figure this simple thing out. I found the parameters ‘Size (height)’ and ‘Size (width)’ but they seem to only scale the image from the top left corner, even when the ‘transform origin’ is set to 50%

I’ve tried putting the image into a symbol, but that does not work.

Any help?

(stephen) #2

You will need to animate the both the width height and the top left. The easiest way to do this is to put the image in its starting position, hit the record button, move the time cursor to the end time, and then place the image in its final position.

This will automatically add the necessary top, left, width, and height keyframes.

One other tip is that you can hold down the option key while dragging the images control point on the canvas to scale from the center.


Stephen - thx so much! That totally works.