Animating rotation according to top left corner instead of center

Hi every. I have a question of how could I animate to rotate a image according to its top left corner instead of default center? Thanks a million.

Hi Alex!

In the “Metrics Inspector”: Set the Transform Origin “X Offset” to 0% & “Y Offset” to 0% ; then animate your “Rotation Angle Z” to the appropriate number (via JavaScript or Timeline).


An illustration of how the percentage offset affects the point of origin:

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Thanks Jim. I see that. excuse me mine is Chinese version. you can see from the image below. The transform origin appears gray. it seems locked and unable to config the percentage. :joy:


Have You selected the element whose point of origin You wish to change?

If You have I’m not sure why it does not allow You to make a change unless the element is locked, but if that was the case the “Rotation” should not be available either.

You could post your file here so I can have a look.

Thanks million Jim. It works now. Well, I don’t really know what happened. It works when I import the image again and then the transform origin is editable. cool. I think just play with it and figure it out. Thanks very much Jim. What a help:grinning:

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If you click/“Cmd” when object is selected, transform origin point appears and you can drag/drop it wherever you want, including outside the object

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@JimScott’s visual reference or something like it would be good to have in the docs for transform origin

FYI - If an object is using a Motion Path instead of animating via top/left, the Transform Origin cannot be changed from 50% 50%. Likewise you may not be able to set it if the element is Locked, but it doesn’t look like that was the case.