Animating multiple words as a group

(Bigwig) #1

I am a newbie to Hype and still very much in the early stages of learning the program. That said, I am working on a very small animation for a client and I am already stuck. I have three words that I want to animate separately over the span of three seconds (they are pasted svg files), then animate as a group over the next three seconds. When I group them together, it effects the entire timeline and they are no longer separate words. There is probably a simple solution, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks to anyone willing to show pity on this newbie, ha!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Elements within a group can be animated independently; as long as you have three separate elements you’ve imported you can do this. First just make sure to double-click into the group to select the elements, or select them first by disclosing the group and selecting in the element list next to the timeline.

(Bigwig) #3

Thanks, Jonathan! That was helpful to know. I recently switched over to Hype from Edge Animate and I am picking it up quickly. I loaded my project below and my next task is to figure out how to have the “electrons” rotate slowly around the closed-loop oval of the atom…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Great! You’d probably want to use Motion Paths and if you want to loop I’d recommend putting it on a different timeline (started by an action) or within a Symbol and loop back with a timeline action.

(Bigwig) #5

Thanks for your help, Jonathan! I was able to put this together pretty easily once I got the hang of motion paths.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Excellent, I’m glad you were able to get it!