Animating multiple groups or items with fixed relationship

suppose I have multiple objects (or groups) that I want the appearance of animating together (for a given time range but not always). I’ve set origin keyframes for each of them at the right places (start time and end time).
I then want to select them and drag them to their target position while on the last keyframe. so that their relationship with each other remains fixed as they animate to the new location together.

In practice, I find that this doesn’t work. The active selection gets changed while I try doing this. Maybe I’m not doing it right or maybe this is a bug? I find that the selection gets switch on me so that I’m now dragging a higher level group container instead of the items I wanted to animate.

The work around is somewhat clumsy. since I’m moving groups, I add a child in one group that is a temporary alignment object (it lines up with the corner of an object in the other group). Once I’ve completed animating both groups, I delete the alignment object

Can you provide a full screen capture of this in action? This would probably provide the best way to understand exactly what your setup is and what is going on.

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