Animated Videos with Quizs

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Okay Guys,

I am pretty new here and would like to know what is the possibility of the following:

I have a animator who is designing short 1 minute clips to do with education.

What i am wanting to do is take them videos and then at the end of each one encorporate a questionaire and if the wrong answer is selected it plays another video that demonstrates that. And if the correct one is selected it plays the rest of the video.

My questions are:
Would this be possible with Hype?
Is it Difficult?
Can i export it and host it on my website or do i have to host it through hype?
Does it have any Hype Branding if i pay for proffesional?

Thanks guys.


Tumult doesn’t do hosting of Hype projects. The exports are self-hosted.

There’s Hype Standard and Hype Professional is an in-app purchase. Both have the option to uncheck the… Show “Built with Hype” when exporting …option.

As for the video stuff, the tricky part would be timing the videos. That might involve some custom JavaScript… …but I’m not sure. I didn’t try it. I’d probably try to avoid the use of videos to keep the file size down. The animation could be created in Hype. That would make it easier to synchronize events.


@kaneo1234, As Michael says,

Hype is just a development environment. Your project is exported in several ways. One being a html file and it’s associated javascript file and the resources (video, images, etc). These can then be inserted into most existing websites.

In short, yes. If you search the forum you will find many posts on syncing animations with video. You can use some of the techniques on your own project. For example, this is a post I did a little while ago about syncing video with animations in Hype.

This is a little difficult to answer as it depends on how comfortable you are with Javascript. If you are ok at coding your own small scripts then it shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have never done any coding then it will probably be more difficult. :wink: It really does depend.

There is no “branding” unless you want there to be. As Michael says, there is an option to turn off / on the “Built with Hype” on export.