Animated symbol with Full physics body

Hi @Daniel, it sims like you are the master here
I’m trying to create a falling leaf animation, so i figured ill need to create the animation of the leaf it self rotating, scaling and then to apply the Dynamic - Full physics body on and play with the properties, but the pyisics kicks in only after the animation ends…
Is there an option to have them plying the same time?

Ouch!!! Not the best way to get help from anyone else here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As I’m quite tough and can handle it I’ll give you a hint

Whatever you are animating … put it in a group or a symbol and then apply Physics to that object.

Although, if I were to create a falling leaf animation I would animate the vertical position so I could control the rate of descent.

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I defer to @DBear on all things physics-related :slight_smile:

One other thing you can do with an animation prior to your physics animation, is to start the leaf rotating or moving in a direction – once the animation is complete, the elements will respond to whatever physics settings you have. This can simulate wind, or some other force, which then smoothly transitions into standard Physics.

Example (28.7 KB)

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Thanks guys, that was super helpful, @DBear; setting the element as a symbol did the trick.

thanks a lot.