Animated PNG export hanging on last section

Hello, firstly I love the PNG export feature!
Sadly, it seems to hang at the end of the export and doesn’t seem to complete the export at all. Is anyone experiencing this? Im using a document size of: 2400x1080 and am hoping to add this animated PNG as a texture within unity.

Video export seems fine - and may be the fallback if the PNG doesnt work.
Thanks in advance

I ended up leaving the operation for over 20 minutes and it finally completed! Seems to just take a little longer than expected.

I’l leave this post here for the visibility of others :slight_smile:

This is the APNG Assembler doing its work, which will definitely take a bit of time on such a large (and cool, I might add) document. It takes a set of exported PNG frames and then processes them:

The PNG processong require a lot of resources, so, you need to wait, more than the progress bar. If 2400x1080 is your output for the PNG you need to wait a lot of time :slight_smile:

This makes sense! In future i’ll just be patient! We’re producing more material for a digital book using hype as the animation tool, we also used Hype to build the homepage animations. It’s jsut so easy to use! Feel free to check it out:

Thank you @Daniel - you’re team are always so proactive.

This is most helpful, thank you :slight_smile: